Startup Social Responsibility (SSR)

Giving back to society beyond financial support… Philanthropy need not start with CSR mandate or when in surplus…

Qutrix believes that companies engaging in social responsibility activities in startup stage is essential for setting up the culture of the company. We think that philanthropy need not start due to CSR mandate or when the company earns surplus.

This creates ample opportunity for employees to look aspects beyond business goals and lead a difference in human lives however small it may be. Qutrix SSR is purely a voluntary driven action. We do not encourage receiving calls demanding contributions. However, we shall review and consider genuine requests coming from NGOs seeking any essential non-financial aid/support by writing to us at

May’2020:  On this Labour Day, Qutrix contributed a small amount to PM CARES Fund
by keeping millions of migrant workers impacted and to provide relief to the affected.

Mar’2020: Qutrix team has recently delivered a project successfully that fetched international revenue to the company. We cherished and celebrated this moment by supporting social transformation effort of a NGO “Light Up – Emotion Matters Foundation“. Qutrix contributed a small amount to EMF through SSR initiative.

EMF is founded to integrate Social-Emotional Learning interventions into the day to day learning of children, teachers and parents to revive, reform and rebuild schools and high-risk communities. Support EMF’s genuine service to the upliftment of socially underprivileged children in Delhi region by contributing to their fund requests.

EMF Covid19 – Ketto Fund Raising Campaign

EMF 2020 – Ketto Fund Raising Campaign

Mar’2020: Qutrix SSR contribution towards Covid-19 Combating Effort by UNFoundation 
Note: This post will be removed to express our regret if the charge on WHO is proven

Aug’2018: Qutrix Founder interactive sessions at “Bangalore AirportCity Lions Service Trust

– With rural women migrant students discussing career opportunities, Q&A
– Independence Day celebration with rural migrant students at a NGO centre